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Our child center has two full sites offering education and care for children ages 0 to 13. We work on a continuous schedule, all children attend school five days a week from 8:30 to 14:15.

Our location in Naastenbest can be found at Max de Bossustraat 8. Here we work together with Partou. You can go here for education, daycare, preschool and out-of-school care.

Our location in Heivelden can be found at Paardenhei 7. In this neighborhood we coordinate and prepare the themes of unit 1/2/3 with daycare Little People.

Our mission

At De Heydonck you may be and become!

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From these values, together with children and parents, we create a learning community in which each child is given optimal opportunities to develop themselves and grow together with others in a safe environment. Children who feel comfortable and safe are more likely to leave familiar paths and open up to what comes their way. When they are involved, they work intensively and intently on activities and assignments. Well-being and involvement are therefore important conditions for development; they promote a sense of competence.
Pictures say more than words, feel free to make an appointment to see it in practice!

Participation Council (MR)

At school, decisions are constantly being made. Decisions that have to do with the education provided or decisions that have to do with the school itself. In the MR, parents and staff help to discuss and decide on important matters that affect the school. In this way they can influence the policy of the school. Decisions that the management wants to take are submitted to the participation council. The MR gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the management.
Who are in the MR?

There are eight seats available in the MR: four parents and four team members.

The parent section consists of:

  • Lucas Segers, chairman
  • Marieke Kuipers
  • Jeanine van Antwerpen
  • Ilse Ebben

The staff section consists of:

  • Denise van Oirschot
  • Linda Evers
  • Neelke Ebben
  • Fieke van Leeuwen

With enough candidates, elections determine who gets a place in the MR. The term of office is three years. After this period MR members can run for re-election.

Powers of the MR

The MR has two types of authority: advisory authority and consent authority. The Participation in Schools Act (Wms) stipulates the subjects for which the MR has the power to advise or consent.


Topics that are discussed include:

  • Improvements in education;
  • The spending of money and buildings;
  • Adoption or modification of the school guide and school plan;
  • Cooperation with daycare organizations;
  • Determining vacations and days off;
  • Staffing ( vacancies, internships, teacher training and group formation);
  • School policy;
  • Safety (in and around the school).

Annual report MR

The annual report summarizes the topics covered during the past school year.

Download the annual reports (Dutch):

Minutes MR-meetings

The MR holds meetings on average once every 6 weeks, approximately 8 times per school year. MR meetings are public and can be attended by parents and staff.

You can find the minutes and agendas of the MR meetings here (Dutch):


Notulen vergadering 17 januari 2023

Notulen vergadering 1 november 2022
Notulen vergadering 3 oktober 2022
Notulen vergadering 13 september 2022
Notulen vergadering 15 maart 2022
Notulen vergadering 15 februari 2022
Notulen vergadering 17 januari 2022

Parent Association

In addition to the regular lessons, all kinds of side activities take place at and around our school and are often organized by the Parent Association. The activities characterize De Heydonck and contribute directly to the enjoyment that children, parents and also teachers experience at our school.

Some activities take place in close cooperation with the team (e.g. Sinterklaas, Christmas and the Heydonck Day), other activities are arranged independently in consultation with the team (think of the school photographer). By organizing activities we want the children to have extra fun during their school time.

Becoming a member of the Parents' Association

For most parents, the feeling of involvement in their child(ren)'s school is an important reason to join the Parent Association. And it's a nice way to give the team a hand with the organization and see for themselves how the students enjoy all the fun activities organized during and outside of class.

Parental contribution

Every year the Parent Association asks for a contribution from the parent. The parental contribution is used to organize the various activities (including St. Nicholas, Christmas, Carnaval, Easter, Heydonck Day and school photographer).


The parental contribution is a voluntary contribution, but by paying the parental contribution you make it possible to organize the previously mentioned activities.


The parental contribution is determined annually during the General Assembly and amounts to € 35.00 per child. For children enrolled after January 31, the parental contribution is € 17.50.

Composition Parent Association

  • Karin Hoebers (NB)

  • Ilse Ebben (NB)

  • Kelly Klaassen (NB)

  • Sandra Janssen (NB)

  • Jeanine van Antwerpen (NB)

  • Marion Feiter (NB)

  • Yolanda Rodriquez (NB)

  • Sanne Hoekstra-Brand (HV)

  • Angelique Sieben (HV)

  • Karen Stolk, penningmeester (HV)

  • Joyce van Gestel (HV)

  • Judith Janssen (HV)

  • Karin van der Waals (NB)

  • Ilona de Vocht, voorzitter (NB)

  • Rosanne van den Dungen-Roelofsen (NB)

Study and days off

Maandag 5 september 2022, eerste schooldag

Vrijdag 30 september 2022, studiedag

Woensdag 5 oktober 2022, studiedag

Dinsdag 6 december 2022, studiedag

Donderdag 2 februari 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. studiemiddag

Maandag 27 februari 2023, studiedag

Vrijdag 7 april 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. studiemiddag

Maandag 10 april, tweede paasdag

Donderdag 18 en vrijdag 19 mei 2023, Hemelvaart

Maandag 29 mei 2023, Pinksteren

Dinsdag 30 mei 2023, studiedag

Maandag 19 juni 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. studiemiddag

Maandag 28 augustus 2023, eerste schooldag schooljaar 2023-2024


Vrijdag 21 oktober 2022, 12u uit i.v.m. start herfstvakantie

Maandag 24 t/m vrijdag 28 oktober 2022, herfstvakantie

Vrijdag 23 december 2022, 12u uit i.v.m. start kerstvakantie

Maandag 26 december 2022 t/m vrijdag 6 januari 2023, kerstvakantie

Vrijdag 17 februari 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. start voorjaarsvakantie

Maandag 20 t/m vrijdag 24 februari 2023, voorjaarsvakantie/carnavalsvakantie

Vrijdag 21 april 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. start meivakantie

Maandag 24 april t/m vrijdag 5 mei 2023, meivakantie

Vrijdag 14 juli 2023, 12u uit i.v.m. start zomervakantie

Maandag 17 juli t/m vrijdag 25 augustus 2023, zomervakantie

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